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Critical Elements

Fossil fuels have supplied most of the energy consumed since the start of the Industrial Revolution 200+ years ago.  Coal-fired steam engines powered the 19th century; hydrocarbons came to the fore during the 20 century ... although coal is still widely used for electricity generation.  Fossil fuel consumption by internal combustion engines (ICE) involves CO2 emissions, which contribute to climate change.  'Energy transition' refers to a shift away from fossil fuels, towards renewable sources of power.  Policy directives and tax incentives are driving decarbonization into the 21st century.  

Transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources requires energy storage.  In the realm of vehicular transport, a shift from ICEs to electric motors (commonly termed electric vehicles, or EVs) will greatly increase demand for lithium-ion batteries.  Critical elements lithium, cobalt, tantalum and others are in short supply.  Supply chain and geopolitical considerations dictate that critical elements be sourced domestically, or from a range of sources.  The world will need more critical elements in the medium-long term.

APEX Subsurface Consultants can help.  The founder is a well-rounded geologist and member of the mining-oriented Society of Economic Geologists (SEG).  The founder completed MS fieldwork at a copper-gold orebody in Indonesia. 

Producer Subsurface Needs


  • Assessment of regional/local resource prospectivity, leading to industry-standard measured, indicated and inferred resource categorization.

  • Competitive intelligence for new entrants - what exploration/development techniques work; which ones do not for each critical element?

  • Detailed understanding of  orebody geometry and extraction/processing techniques.

  • NPV/IRR economics data to optimize decision-making

The Offering


✅     Geologic play-mapping for exploration

✅     Benchmarking for existing and proposed projects

✅     Guidance through concept select and execution                phases, tapping into founder's extensive                              network in the commercial space.

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