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Incomplete (But Representative) Sample of Projects Worked

Detailed full-field modeling for greenfield conventional projects

Lead geomodeler at project sanction for landmark Paleogene development in deep water Gulf of Mexico (world's deepest host) 

  • $4.5B project, 8 wells, 250 MMboe resource

  • First oil 2016

Tanqua Karoo turbidite outcrops

Full-field/sector-scale modeling for heavy oil resource play

(EOR application)

Matured thermal EOR (aka 'steam flood' project through 'concept select' project milestone, Peace River Oil Sands of northern Alberta.    

  • Built full-field model

  • Defined 3+ Bbbl sweet spot 

  • Built sector-scale models for dynamic simulation; tested steam drive vs. cyclic steam well configurations

  • Sold 2017, part of $7.5B oil sand package

Bitumen core with siltstone baffles

Full-field/sector-scale modeling for

unconventional application

Recommended vertical/aerial well spacing for established Eagle Ford operator. 

  • Defined original geomechanical properties for full-field model (related to stratigraphic heterogeneity), to optimize landing zones

  • Built sector-scale models of fully-instrumented spacing pilots

Eagle Ford outcrops near Del Rio TX

Seismic interpretation, early-stage reservoir modeling

Advised client for new country (Mexico) entry, in consulting capacity. 

  • Developed original seismic interpretation and built static model of field in Sureste Salt Basin on short time frame

  • Output informed production profiles and economic estimates

Mayan jungles of Central America

Opportunity screening

Highlighted favorable acreage for acquisition in Athabasca Oil Sands (world's largest heavy oil accumulation), during Financial Crisis.

  • Built PETREL project with 300+ Bbbl bitumen-in-place, 12 wells per township

  • Applied petrophysical properties from top-quartile projects as screening criteria

Injector/producer pairs, steamflood

Knowledge sharing

Organized deep water modeling workshop at major operator; look-back analysis of three major projects totaling $20B CAPEX. 

  • Diagnosed inefficiencies in workflow

  • Recommended streamlined/standardized model approach, to reduce cycle time and address key uncertainties

Static models, reservoir analogs

Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Drafted technical white paper related to lithium brine extraction.

  • Highlighted key success factors

  • Described geologic setting of well-known locations in Nevada and South America

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